We Get You Cyber-Fit. Quick.

We Get You Cyber-Fit. Quick.

Save up to 90 % of your time spent on vulnerability management by automating risk evaluation and prioritization, and streamlining your remediation process.

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It is time to empower your teams

"Most companies nowadays drown in good ideas on how to improve their cybersecurity, without using automation for actually realizing them."
Karsten Nohl, founder of Autobahn Security

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No more shadow IT
Discover what IT-Assets are owned by your company and all of its subsidiaries.
Keep your overviewScan for vulnerabilities and consolidate the data from all your cybersecurity tools in one platform.
Focus on what matters Automatically remove irrelevant findings and false positives and group issues to remediation actions.
Ready for reportingWith our Hackability Score, measure your cybersecurity and the impact that each of your measures has.
Gain the high groundCompare yourself with your peers or other industries thanks to our industry benchmarks.
Empower your IT team
Assign our Cyber Fitness Workouts directly through your ticketing system. This requires no prior cybersecurity expertise.

Focus on remediation, not vulnerabilities

Cyber Fitness is like your standard Fitness - one needs to work on it, consistently, in order to stay in shape. Just like a personal trainer Autobahn Security helps you to create results instead of focusing on problems. Issues are turned into easy-to-follow workouts that enable you to continuously achieve measurable improvements.

Cyber Fitness Workouts

Make your IT team stronger
Most companies and experts are overwhelmed by the amount of data they receive from vulnerability scanners and management tools. Autobahn Security turns these findings into easy-to-follow remediation guidance: our Cyber Fitness Workouts. 

Empower all your IT professionals to boost your company’s cybersecurity.

Become Cyber-Fit

Vulnerability prioritization

Save up to 90 % of your time spent on analyzing vulnerability reports.
Autobahn Security provides actionable, stack-ranked, and clustered issues as well as tactical and strategic advice for remediation. This allows for prioritization of the highest-risk vulnerabilities and efficient resource allocation.

Let's prioritize your vulnerabilities

Measure your cybersecurity with our Hackability Score

Discover your Hackability Score correlating directly to threats.
In order to evaluate your Hackability, Autobahn Security gathers threat intelligence from four sources: dark web chatter, honeypot research, SRLabs consulting experience and CVSS scores.

Our Hackability Score directly correlates to real threats, by not merely using the CVSS scoring of a vulnerability.

Learn more about Hackability

Vulnerability scanning

Scan your IT infrastructure with confidence, with Qualys.
Autobahn Security has partnered with Qualys to integrate their leading scanning technology as a native feature to our platform.

Scan your IT infrastructure for over 70.000 known vulnerabilities, empowered by technology trusted by over 10,000 companies worldwide.

Scan for vulnerabilities

Attack surface management

It's time to eliminate your blind spots.
Unknown and/or unmanaged IT assets are the main entrance points for cybersecurity attacks. Autobahn Security automatically discovers assets exposed to the internet, for your company and all its subsidiaries.

Discover your IT-assets


Import data from your cloud provider or existing security scanners via API.

Connect your Autobahn Security  to  to your ticketing systems like Jira or Splunk and manage tickets directly from our platform.

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Frequently asked questions

What differentiates Autobahn Security from traditional vulnerability management tools?

Autobahn Security focuses on remediation guidance to mitigate multiple vulnerabilities in one go, instead of fixing vulnerabilities one by one.

Like going to the gym, cybersecurity is something that you should work on every day. The Autobahn platform creates a Cyber Fitness journey for you, that you can follow at whatever pace you want.

Can I use Autobahn Security with other vulnerability scanners?

Autobahn Security allows you to aggregate all data from existing scanning solutions and cloud providers into one centralized dashboard.

Once there, our Cyber Fitness platform finally translates each issue into a Cyber Fitness workout,  a step-by-step remediation instruction-set that enables all members of your IT team to fix issues even without previous cybersecurity expertise.

Finally, we prioritize your workouts using our Hackability Score and benchmark you against similar-sized industry peers.

How does Autobahn's Security benchmarking work?

Autobahn's industry benchmarking is based on a comprehensive data set that we regularly update. This allows you to compare your Hackability Score to a peer group that is relevant to you, both in size and industry.  

Autobahn also allows you to benchmark your results against previous scans, showing your remediation progress. This can help your IT security team set KPIs, or let you decide whether external support is required.

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