Vulnerability Prioritization Across Countries

How A Multinational Bank Reduced Their Hackability By Over 50% With Autobahn Security

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As a multinational bank operating in over 17 countries, our customer required seamless and holistic vulnerability management. Most critically, they needed platform integration across all subsidiaries. That’s where Autobahn Security came in.

Our customer was already running pentests and working with scanning engines in a top-down level, managed by HQ. However, their existing tools gave highly complex and granular data. With an overwhelming amount of difficult-to-interpret data points, they had no efficient way to manage vulnerabilities. They had no clear measurement of how safe the company was or how they were improving over time.

Their cybersecurity reports lacked prioritization or remediation advice. And as with most companies, there were only a few security experts who could interpret and act on these reports. So when they forwarded these reports to IT Operation stakeholders in their subsidiaries, many of them non-cybersecurity experts, they didn’t know where to focus efforts. When Autobahn started working with this bank in 2021, critical vulnerabilities remained exposed.

In this Case Study you'll read how Autobahn Security helps a multinational company to enable their local teams to focus on and fix what on the most relevant issues in their respective infrastructure, without HQ losing sight of the overall development. Learn how our Cyber Fitness workouts gave their IT teams actionable daily steps to reduce their risks of cyber attacks, and how Autobahn Security’s Hackability Score finally gave HQ a clear KPI to continuously measure and track cybersecurity.

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