Vulnerability prioritization made easy

Your vulnerability scanners deliver overwhelming reports and endless lists to you, that cause more manual work?

Autobahn Security automatically reduces these results into a manageable set of prioritized tasks - written to be implemented also by non-security experts.

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Focus on what's really important

"Most companies nowadays drown in good ideas on how to improve their cyber security, without using automation for actually realizing them."
Karsten Nohl, Founder of Autobahn Security

Prioritize what mattersOur Cyber Fitness Workouts are prioritized by the level of impact each one will have on improving your cyber security.
Create quick impactOur customers reduce their Hackability by 30 % within the first 3 months working with Autobahn Security.
Engage your expertsGive the time back to your security experts so that they may work on other challenging tasks and develop their skills.

From vulnerability management To remediation management

"Misconfigured systems (32%) and Not enough time for proper risk assessment and management (30%) are the most common consequences of cybersecurity workforce shortages"
(ISC)² -2021

Autobahn Security automates your risk assessment and helps you remediate vulnerabilities faster and more efficiently.

How We Prioritize Issues

Autobahn Security prioritizes issues based on the significance of improvement each issue will have on your cyber security and the effort required to fix it.

Our Hackability Score exhibits the criticality of each issue and its impact on your overall Hackability.

What is the Hackability Score?

Most cybersecurity tools and experts primarily look at traditional technical metrics, such as CVSS scores, to measure and prioritize tasks. The same is applicable to the overall amount of vulnerabilities found to evaluate a company’s security posture.

The Hackability Score goes a step further and includes the potential business impact to calculate the actual cyber risk for your business and to prioritize issues.

Remediate more Efficiently

Cyber Fitness Workouts are at the heart and soul of Autobahn Security. They are easy-to-follow, step-by-step mitigation guidance written for non-security experts.

This means they can be directly assigned to the respective asset owner, enabling any IT professional to remediate vulnerabilities by themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Autobahn Security to prioritize vulnerabilities from other tools?

Autobahn Security allows you to aggregate all data from existing scanning solutions and cloud providers into one centralized dashboard.

Once there, our Cyber Fitness platform Finally translates each issue into a Cyber Fitness workout,  a step-by-step remediation instructions that enables all members of your IT team fix issues without previous cyber security expertise.

Finally, we prioritize your workouts using our Hackability Score and benchmark you against similar-sized industry peers.

Do you also include cloud assets?

Yes, you can also integrate data from your cloud provider. We have integrations for AWS, Microsoft Azure, and the Google Cloud Platform in place. We are also constantly adding new integrations and have a REST-API that allows you to build custom integrations.

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