Pull all Autobahn issues from specific security best practice areas into Jira

Jira Integration

Sometimes you want to quickly identify specific issues related to either one of the three main security best practice areas: Hardening, Patching, and Exposure. Autobahn gives you the option to get this information as a specific report in a heartbeat by creating an issue in Jira.

Please set up your Jira integration to enable this feature. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate and reach out to us at support@autobahn.security

1 - Navigate to your Jira Project that you integrated with Autobahn

2 - In Jira, click Create to create a new issue

3 - In the form that is shown (as per the screenshot above), you are only required to fill the Summary, in other words, the name of the Jira issue. There are no limitations on how to name the issue. Then, as per the screenshot below, add the labels Autobahn and either Hardening, Patching, or Exposure. You can select either one, or multiple security best practice areas to create a report with

In the example above, we created an issue that will pull all Hardening issues from your latest Autobahn scan, as we used the labels Autobahn and Hardening.

4 - Click Create, and wait. After some time, Autobahn will add an attachment to the issue (.zip file) that will provide you with either Hardening, Patching, or Exposure related issues.

5 - Great job, you just created your first export of a specific security best practice area!