Send an Autobahn report in csv, JSON and/or xlsx to Jira

Jira Integration

Sometimes it is more convenient to push a complete Autobahn report to Jira in one go, for example if you started a scan on a specific target, or when a team member that remediates the issues does not have access to the Autobahn portal. Pushing a complete report to Jira is easy.

Please set up your Jira integration to enable this feature. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate and reach out to us at

1 - Login to your Autobahn account at

2 - In your Dashboard, locate the scan you want to push to Jira and click on the scan name

3 - In the menu on the left, click Send to Jira

4 - In the pop-up, select the file format(s) of the scan you want to push to Jira, as well as (optionally) select an Assignee and Project

5 - Click Send Report to Jira and you are all done! Autobahn will display the created Jira link