Send a discovered asset/host with its associated issues to Jira

Jira Integration

Autobahn gives you the option to manually push individual hosts (IP addresses/ domains/ assets), and their associated vulnerabilities, to Jira.

Please set up your Jira integration to enable this feature. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate and reach out to us at

1 - In your Autobahn dashboard, click on the scan containing the host(s) you want to push to Jira by clicking on the scan name

2 - Via the menu on the left, navigate to Service Details

3 - Locate the host for which you want to push its associated vulnerabilities to Jira, and click on Send to Jira

4 - In the screen that pops up, the default assignee and board are selected. If you want to change this default configuration, you can do it here

5 - Click Send Host to Jira to create a Jira issue for this host, listing all its issues and remediation steps. When done, Autobahn will show you the Jira issue link. Great job!