Set up auto-assignment of issues related to specific hosts to team members

Jira Integration

You can configure Autobahn to automatically push critical- and high-severity issues to Jira every time a scan finishes. If you regularly run scans, when you manage a large IP estate, or if you work with remote teams, it is very convenient to configure auto-assignment of issues relating to specific hosts.

Please set up your Jira integration to enable this feature. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate and reach out to us at

1 - Navigate to your Jira Project that you linked to Autobahn and navigate to Project settings as per the screenshot below

2 - In Project settings, click on Automation

3 - In Automation, click on Rules

4 - Decide whether you want to create a Global rule (applicable to all Jira Projects, or a Project Specific Rule. The latter can be executed unlimited, while the first is limited by Jira. If you want to create a Global rule, click on Global administration, while if you want to create a Project Specific Rule, click on Create Rule

Jira has certain limitations for automation rules:

*If a new automation rule is created and run for a specific project, the executions will be unlimited. This is true for Cloud Free, Standard, and Premium.

If a rule is created and applied to more than one project, it's considered global, so it will be limited. The limits for that are (for a month) 100 executions for Free plan, 500 executions for Standard and 1000 executions per licensed Premium user.*

More info on Jira service limits

5 - The creation process for a Global rule is exactly the same as for a Project Specific Rule, and thus by clicking on create you will see the following screen (screenshot below), where you should click on Issue created

6 - After you clicked Issue created, click Save. In the next screen, click New condition as per the screenshot below

7 - Select JQL condition

8 - Add a JQL condition for each host the person/team is responsible for and use or between each condition as per the screenshot below

In case you and your colleagues manage large IP estates, you can use this Excel document to create the JQL conditions for you.

You can use this file by clearing all data in column A row 2 onwards, and instead add the IPs the person for whom you are creating the rule is responsible for. In column E you can copy the JQL conditions to paste into Jira

9 - After you are done with adding your JQL condition(s), click Save. In the next screen, click New action

10 - In Issue action, click on Assign issue. Here, select the person that is responsible for the IPs that you selected in Step 8

11 - When you have selected the correct assignee, click Save. In the next screen, you can give the rule a Name, and Turn it on so that the rule is enabled

12 - You are all done! From now on, when hosts with specific Autobahn issues are send to Jira, the issues are automatically assigned to the responsible team member