Set up automated remediation checks in Jira

Jira Integration

When you implement the WebHook integration, Autobahn can automatically check if specific vulnerabilities are remediated when they move in your Kanban board to a Done status that you can set yourself, and if the remediation was unsuccessful, move the issue back to its previous state.

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1 - Login to your Autobahn account at

2 - Navigate to Account Settings, and go to the Integrations tab as shown in the screenshot below

3 - Click Jira Software

4 - Under Additional settings, scroll down to Issue Remediation. Here, map the Column of where an issue is located before it is remediated to the Transition Name in Autobahn by clicking on edit and exactly copying the name of the Column you use. Change the Done status in Autobahn to the Column where normally issues are moved when they are remediated. When you are done with editing, click Save

5 - You are all done now! Every time a specific vulnerability that you pushed from Autobahn into Jira is marked as the column that you use for 'remediated', the vulnerability is rescanned. If the issue is not present anymore, the issue stays in the same column, but when the vulnerability is still detected on (one of) the host(s), the issue is moved back to its previous column