Setting up your Jira WebHook

Jira Integration

You can set up your Jira instance so that you can request information from Autobahn. In this tutorial, we explain you how to setup the Jira WebHook.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate and reach out to us at

1 - Login to your Autobahn account at

2 - Navigate to Account Settings, and go to the Integrations tab as shown in the screenshot below

3 - Click Jira Software

4 - Scroll down to WebHook Configuration and take note of your unique Autobahn WebHook URL. We will need this link for Step 7 of this tutorial

5 - Login to your Jira instance and navigate to Settings

6 - Click on System, and in the next screen scroll down in the menu on the left to WebHooks

7 - Click the + Create a WebHook button and enter the details as below:

Name: Name the WebHook however you want

Status: Leave as Enabled

URL: Copy the URL from the Autobahn interface as described in Step 4

Description: You can either leave this empty or add additional details

Issue related events: In ✅  All issues you should type labels = Autobahn

Issue: Tick the boxes for created and updated

Comment: Tick the box for created

8 - Scroll down and click Create to finalize your WebHook. You are all done now!