Start an external Autobahn vulnerability scan from Jira that uses automatic asset discovery

Jira Integration

External Autobahn scans can be started from your Jira Project, based on either Autobahn's automated asset discovery, or a specific subset of IPs/ hosts/ assets that you specify. In this tutorial, we tell you how to do the first (automated asset discovery). In case you are interested to start an external Autobahn scan from Jira specifying your own targets, please check the other articles.

Please set up your Jira integration to enable this feature. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate and reach out to us at

1 - Navigate to your Jira Project that you use to communicate with Autobahn

2 - Click Create to create a new Jira issue

3 - In the form that is shown, you are only required to fill the Summary as this will be the label of the Autobahn scan that you are about to start. Then, as per the screenshot below, add the labels Autobahn, NewScan, and AssetDiscovery

4 - Click Create. Autobahn will add a comment to notify that your scan has started if the above was executed successful

5 - After the scan is finished, Autobahn will add another comment that includes the results of the scan as an attachment. All done!