What is Cyber Fitness?

From vulnerability management to remediation management, most cybersecurity tools were made for cybersecurity experts to find issues. Autobahn security is made for fixing them.

Autobahn Security takes vulnerability reports and turns them into easy-to-follow remediation guidance – our Cyber Fitness Workouts.

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Focus on what really matters

"Misconfigured systems (32%) and not enough time for proper risk assessment and management (30%) are the most common consequences of cybersecurity workforce shortages."
(ISC)² - Cyber Workforce Study 2021

Create real impactOur customers reduce their Hackability by 30 % within the first 3 months of working with Autobahn Security.
Engage your expertsGive the time back to your security experts so that they may work on other challenging tasks and develop their skills.
Empower your IT-teamsOur Cyber Fitness Workouts are created for non-security professionals. Focus your security expertise where it is really needed.

Cyberecurity made manageable

Autobahn Security helps you save up to 90% of your time. Our vulnerability management platform combines issues into actionable workouts, enabling your IT team to remediate vulnerabilities even without prior IT security experience.

Our Cyber Fitness process

Reports from vulnerability scanners can often be overwhelming, even for experienced professionals.

Autobahn Security lets you import data from your scanners, and automates this process for you.

The result is a handful of remediation guides: our Cyber Fitness Workouts.

Learn how we turned one million issues into 80 actionable workouts.

What are Cyber Fitness Workouts?

Cyber Fitness Workouts are at the heart and soul of Autobahn Security. They are easy-to-follow, step-by-step mitigation guidance written for non-security experts.

This means they can be directly assigned to the respective asset owner enabling any IT professional to remediate vulnerabilities themselves.

How we prioritize Cyber Fitness Workouts

Prioritization is key to implementing an impactful vulnerability remediation strategy. That is why our Cyber Fitness Workouts are already prioritized for you.

Unlike most tools, Autobahn Security does not just use the CVSS, but also takes other critical factors like impact, exploitability, asset criticality, and effort into account.

Learn more about vulnerability prioritization.

How are the Cyber Fitness Workouts created?

Common vulnerability scanners can detect up to 75.000 issues but do not provide you with help to resolve them. Our security experts have taken all the vulnerabilities found by these scanners and mapped them to best practices.

Our technical writers then turned these solutions into our signature Cyber Fitness Workouts. Autobahn Security automatically recognizes issues and tells you which workouts you should focus on.

Frequently asked questions

How does Autobahn Security help to improve my vulnerability management process?

Autobahn helps you and your company create an overview of the most important vulnerabilities your company faces. In our dashboard and report, we tell you what you should do in the short term, and the long term. This takes the guess work out of improving your security.

What if Autobahn Security shows a risk that is acceptable for me?

If you deem the risk as acceptable, you can mark a vulnerability as “risk-accepted” and it will no longer affect your Hackability Score.

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