Cybersecurity made measurable

Cyber-security made measur-able

Make your IT Security measurable and bring transparency in your management reports.

Autobahn Security's Hackability Score enables you to benchmark your vulnerabilities professionally within minutes, saving you up to 90 % of manual labor.

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Making better decisions with more confidence

"58 % of IT experts think traditional KPIs and metrics for evaluating business risks cannot be used to understand cyber risks."
Tenable - 2018

Prioritize what mattersOur Hackability Score shows you exactly how much each cyber fitness workout will improve your cyber security.
Ready for reportingMake reporting coherent, with one non-technical KPI to measure and track your company's cybersecurity.
Gain more confidenceUse our industry reports to set goals by comparing yourself to industry peers or the global market.

Cybersecurity Shouldn't be a black box

82% of boards and senior management consider cybersecurity a high-priority issue (UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport - 2022).
It's time to get everyone on the same page, with one KPI to look at.

What is the Hackability Score?

Most cybersecurity tools and experts look at traditional technical metrics like CVSS scores to measure and prioritize tasks and the overall amount of vulnerabilities found to evaluate a company's security posture.

The Hackability Score additionally includes the potential business impact to calculate the actual cyber risk for your business and prioritize issues.

Vulnerability prioritization with Autobahn Security.

How we calculate Hackability

Autobahn Security does not just rely on CVSS scores. Our Hackability Score also includes factors like exploitability and asset criticality, to create a more accurate risk assessment.

Each vulnerability is scored individually,  then the results are aggregated to calculate an overall rating.

The result: The Hackability Score. A single KPI that summarizes the risk from all your vulnerabilities.

Measure and track your cybersecurity

Tracking progress in cybersecurity by just looking at the number of issues resolved or the overall vulnerabilities left or found might be common, but it does not give any indication of how critical closing a specific issue is for your business.

The Hackability Score does exactly that. It shows you exactly how well your company is protected against hackers, and how your posture changes over time.

Compare yourself to you industry peers

Autobahn Security continuously analyzes different industries all over the world and allows organizations to compare themselves to their peers, other industries, or even the worldwide market.  

Our anonymized industry benchmarks, enable you to gain a better perspective and set realistic goals for your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Autobahn Security's industry benchmarking work?

Autobahn Security's industry benchmarking is based on a comprehensive data set that we regularly update. This allows you to compare your Hackability Score to a peer group that is relevant to you, both in size and industry.

Autobahn Security also allows you to benchmark your results against your previous reports to show the progress of remediating your vulnerabilities since your last scan. This can help your IT security team set their KPIs, or let you decide whether external help is necessary.

Why is Autobahn Security comparing my company to industry peers?

Autobahn Security helps you understand the security posture of your company. Comparing you to similar-sized industry peers allows you to understand if you are more vulnerable and thus need to step up your remediation efforts, or helps you focus on security best practice areas where you underperform.

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