Cybersecurity shouldn't be a black box

Cyber-security shouldn't be a black box

Scan your IT infrastructure for over 70,000  vulnerabilities with Qualys, directly from your Autobahn Security account.

Autobahn Security makes your findings actionable, turning vulnerability management into remediation management.

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Take your vulnerability management to the next level

"Most companies nowadays drown in good ideas on how to improve their cybersecurity, without using automation to actually realize them."
Karsten Nohl, Founder of Autobahn Security

Save up to 90 % of timeWe automatically remove irrelevant findings and false positives and group issues to remediation actions.
Enable your IT-team
Condense 10,000+ issues into a handful of impactful workouts with easy-to-follow mitigation guidance.
Focus on what mattersReduce your Hackability by 30 % within 12 weeks, thanks to our smart prioritization.

How does Autobahn Security work?

Autobahn Security is an all-inclusive vulnerability management platform, built to enable all IT professionals to remediate vulnerabilities.

Most companies and experts are overwhelmed by the amount of data they receive from vulnerability management tools. Autobahn Security turns this data into actionable insights, shifting the focus from problems to solutions.

Why Autobahn Security?

  • Discover your entire attack surface and scan your IT for internal and external vulnerabilities
  • Autobahn Security eliminates false positives and irrelevant findings
  • We group the remaining vulnerabilities and map them to remediation actions
  • Receive a handful of Cyber Fitness Workouts - prioritized tasks with step-by-step mitigation guidance

Why we use Qualys

  • Qualys is featured in the Gartner Magic Quadrant and is a Forrester Wave Leader
  • The software is used by 10,000+ customers globally, 46 % of the largest 500 companies in the world
  • Customers rate Qualys with 4.3 / 5 Stars
  • Qualys' vulnerability scanner can detect 70.000+ known vulnerabilities

Frequently asked questions

Can I just use Qualys with any Autobahn Secuirty plan?

Yes, Qualys' vulnerability scanner is natively integrated into the Autobahn Security platform and especially useful for companies that don't use any advanced vulnerability scanners yet. After a scan is finished Autobahn Security automatically turns the findings into prioritized mitigation guidance, our Cyber Fitness Workouts.

Are there any restrictions with your Qualys integration?

You can scan up to 5,000 IPs, in total, directly from your Autobahn Security account. On Average that's sufficient for companies with up to 5,000 employees. Companies with more than 5,000 IPs require an additional vulnerability scanner.
Not sure how many IPs your company has? Take a look at our Asset Discovery capabilities to help you unveil your attack surface.

This limit only applies to scanning for vulnerabilities within Autobahn Security. You can upload any amount of data from your cyber security tools and cloud providers to our platform and turn them into our signature Cyber Fitness Workouts.

Of course it is also prohibited to scan for IPs that are owned by another company.

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